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This is one of the easiest way to earn passive income from home.

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Watch this video for more helpful information and give it a LIKE as he donates 1USD to UNICEF for each like!

What are the advantages of Upgrading in Webtalk?

Here are some important factors and updates to consider.

COMING SOON: All PRO customers will be earning more points!

PRO Customers: Earn 2x points
PRO Platinum Customers: Earn 3x Points
Rewards PRO Customers (coming soon): Earn 5x Points

Once this update is in place, you will also be earning matching points to all points earned by your PRO customer referrals. This means even free members who refer PRO customers will earn the same points your PRO referrals do with our 100% point match for referrals.

Rewards PRO, a new affiliate subscription, is now underway. This new subscription will give Rewards members greater access to referral data, a forum to reach ALL Rewards members, leaderboards, charts/graphs, remove ads from the Rewards Back Office, and the ability to earn 5x more reward points. If you are already a PRO or PRO Platinum customer at the time we launch Rewards PRO, then you will be able to add your point multipliers together. ie. If you are earning 3x more points as a PRO Platinum member, you will be earning 8x more points as a PRO Platinum and Rewards PRO customer.

Share Smiles, Receive Gifts!

This Sunny Newsletter will have you grinning from ear to ear on a daily basis!

Get your daily dose of smiles and gifts here! Sharing smiles and laughter, joy and inspiration can be even more fun now!!
This newsletter will give you SMILES and when you share with others you will receive gifts when others sign up!
Welcome and happy you joined us on this journey! SMILE, it’s Charity, Share Smiles, it will InspireMore to do the same!

O-Women O-Tracker from OnPassive

O-Women Of the World Your voices heard,
Your cries for help Resounding loud and clear,
O-Tracker like an echoe Calling out your name,
Not in vain!
Your stories told, Your hearts unfold Into a space of compassion,kindness, Love and comfort.
Tell the women of the World To come from Far and Wide!
Shout it from the rooftops
Shout it from the mountaintops
OnPassive cares
OnPassive helps
OnPassive can change your life!
O-Women of the World
A place to rest your weary head
Your troubles no longer unsaid
Release, Reveal and Regain Control of YOU,
A New Era has begun!

Support O-Women and our movement to improve the lives of women all around the globe!!

We Share Abundance launches sister site

Yes, now you can Multiply your wesa with their sister site by the name of MulitiplyWesa

Click the link to visit the site and get all the latest updates on why you should be increasing your wesa! If you have not yet joined We Share Abundance, you can get your portion here

Support legit business ventures like WSA and MW and help eradicate poverty!

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KickEx 50 000 token Giveaway on an Exchange with a Viva la Difference!

Click to claim your 50000 tokens! KickEX Exchange takes crypto trading to a whole new level! Don’t miss your chance to join the referral program and create a passive income of $20k monthly or possibly more!

I Hope this day finds you in good spirits.

I do not usually share F R E E airdrop token opportunities, but there is something quite unique and special about this one. KICK ECOSYSTEM, ex-KICKICO, is a complete fundraising and exchange ecosystem that raises tokensales to a higher standard, driving them closer in sophistication and security to modern financial systems.

It is an advanced crypto-exchange with low fees and a lucrative referral program. There are multiple projects associated with this token, some already working. Click the link to find out more. You can Earn Tokens/Commissions on referrals until 10 levels Deep! Buy kickex token with your fiat credit card and soon yes, you can exchange it back from crypto to fiat easily and directly.

Yes, you get 50,000 Tokens just to sign up. You can trade the tokens on their own exchange, or hold onto them for their value to appreciate. The tokens are having a very low dollar value at the moment but that is a good thing as it means massive potential for growth in the future! If the token reached a value of just $0.01 or $0.1 per token in the future, which I am betting they will, you could easily see returns like this: 50,000 x $0.01 = $500 or 50,000 x $0.1 = $5,000, let your imagination run wild! 1,000,000 Tokens at only $0.01 = $10,000! B I N G O!!!!! In 2009, bitcoins were being given away for FREE but no one saw any value in them. Today, everyone wants them but they are too expensive for most! Do not make similar mistake. Use this link now to claim your 50,000 tokens. Are you ready to claim your 50,000 tokens, then grow your referral base to collect even more tokens, and strive for 1 million of them!???? Come and join me on this mission!

Webtalk Growth Yes you can!

Get paid to be social on Webtalk! Its the only social media network that shares 50% of its adrevenue with its members AND it donates 10% to charity! Now that is a network you can be proud to be a part of. Join for FREE and take advantage of their 5 levels of earnings by upgrading as soon as possible or refer someone that does. At the time of writing this article it will ensure you ALL future income revenue streams from the multiple streams of income they will be introducing, like Webtalk travel, Marketplace, Webtalk upgrades, Advertising platform, Swagbucks store, App and many more! My username is charm, join me today.

It is FREE to join and always will be. There is no requirement to buy anything. All you have to do is invite people to join and use the platform. You will be paid 100 % matching bonus points on all your Direct referrals and a 10% commission on all revenue generated by your referrals.

WebTalk also offers a Bonus of 5 level commissions that pays 10% revenue share on levels 2-5 when you upgrade to Pro or refer a Pro member. There is no requirement to upgrade to Pro or refer a Pro customer to earn on your first level. It is completely free to earn on your first level. Webtalk introduced a new income stream which will allow you to also earn USD5 on all your referrals 5 levels deep if you qualify for that, when they enrol in the affiliate program, add a payment processor and generate USD100 in affiliate sales, so even more income for you!

How To Get Referrals

Share your referral links!

Add “connect with me on Webtalk” with your referral link whenever you
· make a post on social media
· send a message
· send an email

People who click your referral link and sign up with Webtalk will be tracked and attached to you for life.

Use the “Find and Invite Contacts” feature, and Webtalk will send an Invite email with your referral link. You have three options to import, Gmail, Yahoo & Microsoft. You can also type individual email addresses into the box to bulk send invites.

Share Your Public Posts To Get Referrals

Each of your public posts on your newsfeed has a unique URL with your referral id embedded. You can share these URLs anywhere on the internet. People who click these links will be directed to the post on its own page. If they like what they see, they will want to join Webtalk by clicking “Join Webtalk”. Once they are signed up with Webtalk, they will be in your 1st level of referrals. Anyone they refer will be on your 2nd level and so on.

To get the URL of a post

(1) Go to the post you want to share
(2) Click the “3-dots” icon on the top right hand corner
(3) Click “Copy link”
(4) Place the link where you want to share the post

If you get 10 referrals, and each one of your referrals gets 10 referrals, and each one of the referrals of your referrals also get 10 referrals, so on and so forth, you will end up with 111,110 referrals in your 5 level referral network. Can you visualize the potential earnings?

Keep on inviting people to join you on Webtalk to build your referral network. Also help your referrals understand the benifits and advantages of its affiliate program to help them achieve success.

What if you made $0.50 per month per referral from the Adrewards Pool? Remember this is just one income stream we are talking about.

• $50 per month from 100 referrals
• $500 per month from 1,000 referrals
• $5,000 per month from 10,000 referrals
• $50,000 per month from 100,000 referrals

This can change your life!

DISCLAIMER: This is an estimated example of what could happen, but individual results may vary. Commissions are based on how much advertising revenue your referrals and the referrals of your referrals help generate. Webtalk is aiming to generate USD1 per person in the future but this will take time and extensive growth to achieve this. When the app launches hopefully by the end of 2020 it will cause a massive explosion in growth as it will also be launching in ALL launguages, Global opportunity for ALL!

This life-changing opportunity is indeed a simple way to build a real solid monthly residual income if you are serious about it.

Act NOW!
(1) Complete your profile if you haven’t done so
(2) Enroll in the FREE Ad Pool Rewards program
(3) Use Webtalk actively to earn points
(4) Keep on inviting people to join Webtalk to build your network.
(5) Secure the bonus 5 level commission plan that rewards you for the chain reaction of referrals and increase your potential earnings exponentially!

It is real and happening for thousands already and we are still in Beta launch, imagine the explosive growth coming AFTER launch! Come and grab your piece of pie now! The sooner you start baking, the bigger it will grow when it comes out of the oven!

Would you like to work from home for FREE and help eradicate poverty too?

This is a new business, still in Beta and growing daily in interest and numbers and for jolly good reason. What can WeShareAbundance offer you? It is a Charity Motivated bizop which is Free2Earn from and Free2Profit from. You can upgrade from your earnings from month to month. Earning is easy, it requires daily login and reading of emails and that will be enough to find you in profit by the end of the first month. There are 6 different pools which you can stake from your earnings starting with the first pool which is usd2 to stake and the top pool is the Elite pool 6 and that includes all the pools for a value of usd100. You can put your hand in your pocket if you wish to fast track yourself to the Elite membership level but that is completely optional. Elite Membership will see you in profit after one month and that profit will be anything from usd50 to usd95 as long as you complete daily login and reading of a few emails. Can you do that?

If this simple yet abundant system is of interest to you, click the link and join us in our Facebook group for guidance, help, motivation and inspiration. Free, Global opportunity and all is welcome. If you have a loving heart and believe in giving to others besides yourself, you will find this very pleasing and rewarding. I hope to see you on the inside.