Would you like to work from home for FREE and help eradicate poverty too?

This is a new business, still in Beta and growing daily in interest and numbers and for jolly good reason. What can WeShareAbundance offer you? It is a Charity Motivated bizop which is Free2Earn from and Free2Profit from. You can upgrade from your earnings from month to month. Earning is easy, it requires daily login and reading of emails and that will be enough to find you in profit by the end of the first month. There are 6 different pools which you can stake from your earnings starting with the first pool which is usd2 to stake and the top pool is the Elite pool 6 and that includes all the pools for a value of usd100. You can put your hand in your pocket if you wish to fast track yourself to the Elite membership level but that is completely optional. Elite Membership will see you in profit after one month and that profit will be anything from usd50 to usd95 as long as you complete daily login and reading of a few emails. Can you do that?


If this simple yet abundant system is of interest to you, click the link and join us in our Facebook group for guidance, help, motivation and inspiration. Free, Global opportunity and all is welcome. If you have a loving heart and believe in giving to others besides yourself, you will find this very pleasing and rewarding. I hope to see you on the inside. https://weshareabundance.com/?u=charmsalma

Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #263 — Mostly Blogging

Welcome to the Inspire Me Monday Linky Party for February 17. For those of you in the United States spending your President’s Day with us, thanks for joining us on your day off! We are happy to see you! Featured Posts I was definitely inspired […]The post Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #263 appeared first…

Inspire Me Monday Linky Party #263 — Mostly Blogging

Webtalk Update! Get in NOW!!

September commissions were paid successfully, and with the new notifications to let everyone know who earned commissions they now have money in the bank! PS: This is certainly a feature you won’t find on other networks. PPS: Next up… Ad revenue share, Swag Store commissions & Travel commissions NOTE: Before we deploy our own ad platform, we are working on building a new “Advertising Pool” to share 50% of all ad revenue generated from our third party ad brokers. We will use the same technology to power our own ad platform engagement rewards.  
Each member will earn points for ad clicks and ad impressions, and your points will represent a percentage of the total “Ad Pool” Let’s say as an example the Ad Pool is $10,000, and there are 1,000,000 points earned across all of Webtalk for a calendar month. 1 point would equal $0.01 in this example. Therefore, 10,000 points earned would equal $100 earned in ad rewards for the month. Every month the total of the ad pool should grow as the member base grows and becomes more active, especially with mobile apps around the corner. We are building the technology not only to track all impressions, clicks, and points earned, but also technology to prevent click and impression fraud so everyone has an equal opportunity to earn ad rewards. It is not an easy task, but we are working as quickly as possible to release this service to help all of you create more success. HOW POINTS WILL BE EARNED: AD IMPRESSIONS & CLICKS from ads on profiles and on content shares, both on your own account and on the accounts of your referrals (including your referral network if you have earned the bonus) HOW MUCH MONEY COULD BE PAID FROM THE AD POOL? Facebook is currently generating $5 BILLION per month in ad revenue. 50% would represent $2.5 BILLION MONTHLY If and when Webtalk reaches that amount of revenue, the monthly ad pool rewards could be in the billions of dollars distributed across the Webtalk community. WHO WILL EARN THE MOST? The members who have earned the referral network bonus awarding ad points and paying revenue share through 5-degrees of referral separation will have the largest income opportunity by far. Learn more about how to earn the bonus by visiting your referral rewards backoffice.

125,000 New Music Tracks Now LIVE In Content Samurai

Today I have a very special update to share with you…

My favorite video creation tool Content Samurai is now partnering with Storyblocks Audio to give you UNLIMITED ACCESS to over
125,000 high-quality music tracks right inside the app!

And best of all…You DON’T need a Storyblocks Audio subscription to use these new music tracks – all Content Samurai users get FREE access for life – how cool is that!Check out the new music library here. https://contentsamurai.com/c/charmaine-new-music-library

What this means for you…

Content Samurai now has everything you need to create viral content videos and engaging video ads for your business:

  • 125,000+ high-quality music tracks
  • 790,000+ premium video clips
  • 112,000,000+ royalty-free images
  • Over 100 professionally designed templates
  • Plus much much more!

So watch today’s video to discover how to use this brand new music library to grow your online audience and generate more traffic & sales for your business.Here’s the link again: https://contentsamurai.com/c/charmaine-new-music-libraryHappy video making!Check out my cool Landing Page which can be yours too, to Promote these other FREE programs too!  https://www.risingentrepreneurs.net/charmainemacdonald

3 Free income streams with free landing page

Rising Entrepreneurs is inviting you to join 3 free programs that all have a charity element embedded within their business model!  They are giving you their free landing page and all you have to do is promote the page and that way you can get sign ups for these FREE programs plus you can add an extra program that you want to promote as well!  Check out my website here and join my programs, then give the links to the email address provided at the bottom to get your own page and promote to GROW your business! Click the link to get to My Rising Entrepreneurs Landing Page https://www.risingentrepreneurs.net/charmainemacdonald