Top 7 Health benefits of regular walking

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Most of us will agree that walking is fun, right? It’s relaxing. And most importantly, it’s good for our health. But what exactly are the health benefits of walking? Well, keep reading…

Benefit #1 Burn Calories And Maintain A Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is a struggle many of us face. Walking can be another tool that helps you drop those extra kilos/pounds. Yes, you’ll still need to eat healthy and maybe incorporate some more exercise, but if you combine with walking, particularly fast-pace and doing it regularly, you can get to and maintain a healthy weight.

blog-2-image-point1-_burncalories_top-7-health-benefits-of-walkingBenefit #2 Strengthens Your Bones and Muscles

If you read our article, Get into the habit of walking without hurting yourself, you will recall our point walking is the perfect low impact form of exercise. It helps to strengthen and tone your body muscles. If you’re just starting out on exercise…

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