Homes in Unexpected Places

Amazing and telling captures to accompany a sad story. Yet, however humbe, it is home. And home is where the heart is. I am hopeful (and suspect) that many of these dwellers have full hearts despite what others in our world might see and sense. A thoughtful post!
A curious and interesting look at some other cultures of the world and how they live, adapt to, and accept their circumstances, making the best of what they have. Can we learn some lessons here?
Great comments, May Allah make us grateful for what we have, and help us to help others in any way we can!


See the homes of 70% of Caracas’ residents

In Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, nearly seventy percent of the population lives in slums that seem to drape over every corner of the city.

Welcome to the world’s largest vertical slum

In the centre of the city is the Torre David, a forty-five story unfinished office tower that was in the midst of construction until the developer died in 1993, and the crash of the Venezuelan economy the following year. About eight years ago, people started moving in to the abandoned construction site, and today it is considered the world’s largest vertical slum.

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