125,000 New Music Tracks Now LIVE In Content Samurai

Today I have a very special update to share with you…

My favorite video creation tool Content Samurai is now partnering with Storyblocks Audio to give you UNLIMITED ACCESS to over
125,000 high-quality music tracks right inside the app!

And best of all…You DON’T need a Storyblocks Audio subscription to use these new music tracks – all Content Samurai users get FREE access for life – how cool is that!Check out the new music library here. https://contentsamurai.com/c/charmaine-new-music-library

What this means for you…

Content Samurai now has everything you need to create viral content videos and engaging video ads for your business:

  • 125,000+ high-quality music tracks
  • 790,000+ premium video clips
  • 112,000,000+ royalty-free images
  • Over 100 professionally designed templates
  • Plus much much more!

So watch today’s video to discover how to use this brand new music library to grow your online audience and generate more traffic & sales for your business.Here’s the link again: https://contentsamurai.com/c/charmaine-new-music-libraryHappy video making!Check out my cool Landing Page which can be yours too, to Promote these other FREE programs too!  https://www.risingentrepreneurs.net/charmainemacdonald

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