Homes in Unexpected Places

Amazing and telling captures to accompany a sad story. Yet, however humbe, it is home. And home is where the heart is. I am hopeful (and suspect) that many of these dwellers have full hearts despite what others in our world might see and sense. A thoughtful post!
A curious and interesting look at some other cultures of the world and how they live, adapt to, and accept their circumstances, making the best of what they have. Can we learn some lessons here?
Great comments, May Allah make us grateful for what we have, and help us to help others in any way we can!


See the homes of 70% of Caracas’ residents

In Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, nearly seventy percent of the population lives in slums that seem to drape over every corner of the city.

Welcome to the world’s largest vertical slum

In the centre of the city is the Torre David, a forty-five story unfinished office tower that was in the midst of construction until the developer died in 1993, and the crash of the Venezuelan economy the following year. About eight years ago, people started moving in to the abandoned construction site, and today it is considered the world’s largest vertical slum.

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December 2016

Restoration Almanac


Late November through mid-December is a good time to go seed collecting.  Though some species have already dropped, more species are just right at this time of year than at any other.  It is probably not a coincidence then that seed broadcasting projects also seem to be the most successful at this time of year then at any other.

img_3349 White tridens.  Collect seed by stripping the seed head from top to bottom.  Does well in sunny low/wet areas.

A brief fall planting period came in early November with some moderate rain followed by moderate temperatures.  The following weeks were too dry and then later too cold to constitute a quality establishment window where weather conditions are good enough for long enough that we can mostly forget about needing to tend to new plantings.  This fall was without a good establishment window, so it will be good to plan for an…

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Stunning Panoramic Landscapes

What a magnificent collection. Let us all do our part in preserving mother earth! Help reduce CO2 emissions and fight global warming! Plant trees for free by simply clicking on the link. Reduce carbon emissions and fight global warming.

When You Plant It Forward, You Change Lives. German site – preserve forest in Malaysia

When you choose the activity you want to support and click the “Donate” button, Brother will make a donation of one yen (about one cent USD) per click on your behalf.


Ray Jennings is a talented landscape photographer and writer based in West Pennant Hills, Australia. Ray specialises in panoramic and landscapes photography with a Nikon D810 camera. Jennings focuses on mountains, parks, farms, cityscapes and plains.

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Living Planet Index Report in Pictures

Truly shocking statistics with a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. We all need to do our part to help save planet earth, the environment and the humans and animals on it. Earth needs us as much as we need it!


Global wildlife populations will decline by 67% by 2020 unless urgent action is taken to reduce human impact on species and ecosystems, warns the biennial Living Planet Index report from WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and ZSL (Zoological Society of London). From elephants to eels, here are some of the wildlife populations most affected by human activity.


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Top 7 Health benefits of regular walking

Exercise is fun and healthy and even better if you can make a difference in others lives while walking, running or biking or skating! #charitymiles allows you to donate your efforts in miles to a charity of your choice so sign up with#charitymilesapp today!


Most of us will agree that walking is fun, right? It’s relaxing. And most importantly, it’s good for our health. But what exactly are the health benefits of walking? Well, keep reading…

Benefit #1 Burn Calories And Maintain A Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is a struggle many of us face. Walking can be another tool that helps you drop those extra kilos/pounds. Yes, you’ll still need to eat healthy and maybe incorporate some more exercise, but if you combine with walking, particularly fast-pace and doing it regularly, you can get to and maintain a healthy weight.

blog-2-image-point1-_burncalories_top-7-health-benefits-of-walkingBenefit #2 Strengthens Your Bones and Muscles

If you read our article, Get into the habit of walking without hurting yourself, you will recall our point walking is the perfect low impact form of exercise. It helps to strengthen and tone your body muscles. If you’re just starting out on exercise…

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