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Charmaine MacDonald

Trans-Gambia Highway, stories of migration.

Real stories of the plight of poor Africans giving up everything in pursuit of a better life abroad.

Making Tracks in West Africa

Banna has been to Libya twice. He can describe the two main routes to Libya. He can tell you the exact moment you need to pass the checkpoint into the country, at 2am, when the guards are charging. He can describe how to fit 154 people into one truck and he can tell you the exact sound it makes when a man slits another’s throat in front of you.

When Banna speaks he is not relating a story that happened to him. He is describing what he sees in front of his eyes. The ever present visions of his journey through the desert and his stay in Libya. In 2014 and then again in 2016, Banna tells us that he sold everything he owned to get to Europe. The first time, he had a successful restaurant which he sold to fund his travels. The second time, he had started a…

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Be Inspired, Dare to Dream!

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To ourselves and make excuses to stay in our comfort zone.”
-Roy T.Bennett Let’s take actions

To get out our comfort zones,
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WEBTALK GROWTH UPDATE: WebTalk set to becoming the new Facebook and you can have a piece of the commissions, Do you want in? Join me now, complete your profile, become an affiliate, promote, promote, promote! By invite only so you are being invited by Charmaine MacDonald 


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1. Complete your profile (use the profile completeness meter) 
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The fastest way to earn the bonus is to upgrade your own account to a PRO account. Otherwise, you can earn the bonus once one of your referrals upgrades to PRO, but if it takes it a while you may miss out on the bonus. 

Please remember, our referral rewards program is meant to be passive income. Facebook and LinkedIn never paid you for inviting your contacts and we decided to take a different approach. 

That said, we welcome and support those of you who are building marketing teams to grow the Webtalk member base. We fully expect the 1M commission plan bonus to create 1M millionaires over time, which will be a world record. 

However, it takes hard work and dedication to build large teams and referral networks. Money follows success. If you have tens of thousands of users in your referral network, Webtalk will work to increase our revenues, which will in turn increase your commissions. 

Until we launch our self-service ad platform, only the members who are building referral networks filled with PRO customers are earning significant commissions. Webtalk’s referral rewards program has already paid out tens of thousands of dollars in commissions in the first few months since it’s launch. 

Once Webtalk is in the TOP 10,000 sites, we can attract enough advertisers that is makes sense to launch our own ad platform. Once we are in the TOP 1,000 sites, we will likely be a billion-dollar company capable of attracting the largest companies as advertisers. 

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